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About Us

Who we are

JARALL Medical Management Consulting, a full-scale practice improvement company, knows the ins and outs of running a medical practice. Practicing medicine has become increasingly difficult. No longer are we in an age of true “fee-for-service” but moving towards a “value-based” model. The ability to run a successful, profitable practice has become a struggle. Taking a line from the movie Field of Dreams “build it and they will come”, physicians used to be able to open a practice in a desirable area, treat patients and make a living. Whether it’s dealing with the Affordable Care Act, rising healthcare costs for your staff or providing quality care for your patients, physicians are struggling to keep their heads afloat. JARALL Medical Management Consulting is there to help physicians “turn-key” many of the solutions that they struggle to find in order to run a successful medical “business”.

We are professionals

Alan Bass, DPM, CPC, FACPM is a Board-Certified podiatrist and CEO of JARALL Medical Management. Dr. Bass has run a successful practice in New Jersey since finishing his residency in 1994. He is a Fellow of both the American College of Podiatric Medicine as well as the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. In addition he is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

He is a frequent lecturer nationwide in the area of medical and business management as well as charting, coding and compliance. Dr. Bass also provided business and practice management guidance while previously working as Medical Director for NEMO Health, the previous owners of TRAKnet EHR.

Since the acquisition of TRAKnet by Modernizing Medicine (ModMed), he also serves on the Client Advisory Board for Podiatry for ModMed.

We are professionals

Brooke Weaver CMOM, CMOM-POD, FAPPM has over 20 years practical experience as a practice manager, administrator and biller in podiatric practices. She brings a unique set of skills to JARALL Medical Management. In early 2010, Brooke established the executive management section of the AAPM to provide support for the administrative staff in podiatric practices.

Following this initiative, she co-authored the book and program for Certified Office Managers- Podiatry Specialty to provide certification for office managers for the AAPPM with Practice Management Institute (PMI) which earned Brooke an Adjunct Professorship. This was the first specialty specific program for PMI.

Brooke was previously a consultant for NEMO Health, the owners of TRAKnet EHR for 10 years prior to its sale to ModMed and she is currently on the podiatry advisory board for ModMed. Brooke has been the office and billing administrator of a busy podiatry practice for over 20 years. The podiatry practice she manages was one of the first to transition from TRAKnet to ModMed and she has a wealth of experience from this to ease any transition. She brings a wealth of knowledge to in working with both physicians, billers and staff.

When should you engage JARALL Medical Management?

As seasoned physicians, your primary focus is patient care. If you are struggling to understand the different areas of your practice, instead of focusing on your patients, that’s when you need JARALL Medical Management Consulting. Are you a new physician who does not know where to start? JARALL Medical Management Consulting can help!

How does JARALL Medical Management communicate with its clients?

Whether through phone calls, email, webinars, or on-site visits to your practice, JARALL Medical Management Consulting provides what you need. If needed for the specific service or project, the client will receive a weekly or bi-weekly call from one of our practice improvement experts. If the project or service is ongoing, you will receive a monthly report regarding your data. From understanding your patient visits and how it relates to your bottom line, JARALL Medical Management Consulting will unravel it all for you. If needed, we can travel on-site to your practice to see first-hand how we can help to improve your practice.

Where does JARALL Medical Management work?

In today’s day of technology, JARALL Medical Management Consulting is your virtual, or if needed, on-site, practice improvement company. Are you struggling with your staff? We can come on-site if needed to provide coaching to them. Struggling to understand what’s important about your practices data? Let JARALL Medical Management Consulting take your data and turn it into a report that you can understand.

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